Let’s “Build” A Conversation!

Need a fun way to practice strengthening and developing conversation skills? Try using blocks or Legos to build a conversation tower! Decide on a certain block for topics and another for comments and questions. In the images below, we chose the larger blocks with windows to represent the TOPIC. We chose the small blocks for COMMENTS and the longer blocks for QUESTIONS. 

Explain to the student:

“To have a good conversation with someone, you have to build it! You have to listen to the topic and make a comment or ask a question about that topic. When someone says something to you, make a comment or ask a question about what they said. After a little while, you change the topic to a new one.” 

After your tower gets tall and your conversation is over, you get to knock it down!

If you are doing virtual therapy, I made an electronic version to use with powerpoint. You can find it for FREE on my Teachers Pay Teachers page here.

And I’ve created another visual related to this topic as well. You can find it here.

Hope this helps or either gives you a few new ideas for how to help students have better conversations!

The Creative SLP

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