Critical Thinking is Underrated

Standardized tests… End of the Year Assessments… Grades…

Being able to perform well on standardized tests or making good grades in school doesn’t ensure that your student or child knows how to do what’s really important in life: THINK!

I’ve found a great resource that does just that. The Social Language Development Scenes resource published by LinguiSystems is great because the questions come from pictures IN CONTEXT. I use them to teach social skills, emotions, critical thinking, and many other language skills. I like to draw thought bubbles and speech bubbles right over the images to help students build and develop critical thinking skills such as perspective taking, making predictions, inferring and problem solving.

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You can find it here:

Social Language Development Scenes


For many years, I found it difficult to evaluate critical thinking skills with the basic language assessments. That was until I discovered this great expressive language assessment:

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You can find it here:

TOPS 3 Elementary: Test of Problem Solving A Test of Reasoning in Context

The TOPS uses picture scenes that contain context based problems and asks the student questions that require critical thinking. The questions on the scoring protocol are categorized, so it gives you specific information for skills such as: Making Inferences, Making Predictions, Problem Solving and Perspective Taking. That way, you can see where the breakdown is occurring and explicitly teach those skills.


Check out this FREE Reading Comprehension and Language Skills Resource on my Teachers Pay Teachers page that includes many of the critical thinking skills that students need to be successful in life.

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I hope you found this helpful and gave you something to THINK about!

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